21 February 2011

Let's start Motoring - Part 2

They say one of the biggest most important rules of bidding at auction is to stick to your limit. With less than a minute before the auction ends I had to decide if I have to break that rule. And so with seconds to spare I upped my bid. The feeling was quite surreal as I sat in front of the computer, looking at the screen telling me that I won the bid. My feeling of excitement was accompanied by nervousness. Buying a car is one thing, buying a second hand, twenty-six year old French car is quite another.

So why did I spend £973 on a Renault 5. Let’s face it; there are far newer and better cars available for less money. For many cars are like a white good, a washing machine. You buy something that will do its job, and do it at a reasonable price. The old Nissan Micra is a good example. It offers good value, is easy to run and will in no doubt ever go wrong, but it does absolutely nothing to interest me. When buying a car I’d much rather go for something I’d enjoy, and if that means spending a bit more on something that is not as good, but has more charm and character, then so be it.

After a call to the seller a meeting was arranged. Saturday was just around the corner, and it was going to be a long day.