09 August 2010


Hello, how are you?

I'm fine thanks for asking.

This is my blog, Reikronian, which will be opening soon, hopefully. As soon as I find something to say I will post it here. Until then, have a nice time. Of course I know this won't happen for everyone. We always say to someone to be safe, take care, have a nice day, but ultimately this does not prevent them from having an accident, getting hurt or just have a really bad day.

Have you ever greeted someone, asking them how they are, only for them to say something terrible has happened to them. Makes you feel bad doesn't it. How about when someone else tels you to have a good day, it kind of feels as though it's been made your responsibility to have a good day. "Dave just wished me a good day, well guess that means I won't be going to the bank to settle the overdraft today. I think I'll go watch a movie instead." Then the bus hits you. It seems Dave wasn't trying hard enough when he wished you a good day.

So while I honestly wish all the best to those who deserve it, I know this might not be the case for all of you, so try and do the best you can.


DEVILMAN said...

Hehe very nice first post and interestinf view of things

I never tougth about it too much but is nice when someone wish you a nice day

Hey, i havent see you in forever >_<!!!

Reikro said...


Thanks for your comment. It's not the most intellectual of posts I admit, but it's the sort of thing that floats though my mind from time to time.

I haven't been online too much because I'm in South Africa at the moment. I'll be back in England next month, then we can chat more regularly.