06 March 2011

Let's start Motoring - Part 3

Saturday, February 22. Collection day. Our plan was to go by train to Stafford, pick the car up and drive it home. This meant getting up at oh crickey o’clock as the train journey would take more than two hours. I’m not crazy about long train journeys, mainly because good manners prevent me from freely picking my nose. Luckily I had Clive James reading his latest book coming from my iPod and nice scenery to look at through the window.

The Man Who Is Selling The Car picked us up at the train station and a short drive up the road to where the car was garaged. The little Renault looked great, however it pays to do some research beforehand when buying a second hand car, you have to know what to look for and the 5 only had a small patch of rust on the driver’s side door sill and some minor bubbling on the front right wheel arch. Apart from a bit of wear on the seats and pedals, the interior was almost spotless.

After the documentation was sorted I handed over the cash, filled the car up with petrol and my Dad and I set off home, giving me time to study the handbook and trying to work out how the radio works. It’s still the original factory fitted Philips AM radio/cassette player. I think I even picked up Radio Siberia Labour Camp while searching for Radio 4. After a long and somewhat stressful drive we arrived home. I could finally relax, I bought a car.

21 February 2011

Let's start Motoring - Part 2

They say one of the biggest most important rules of bidding at auction is to stick to your limit. With less than a minute before the auction ends I had to decide if I have to break that rule. And so with seconds to spare I upped my bid. The feeling was quite surreal as I sat in front of the computer, looking at the screen telling me that I won the bid. My feeling of excitement was accompanied by nervousness. Buying a car is one thing, buying a second hand, twenty-six year old French car is quite another.

So why did I spend £973 on a Renault 5. Let’s face it; there are far newer and better cars available for less money. For many cars are like a white good, a washing machine. You buy something that will do its job, and do it at a reasonable price. The old Nissan Micra is a good example. It offers good value, is easy to run and will in no doubt ever go wrong, but it does absolutely nothing to interest me. When buying a car I’d much rather go for something I’d enjoy, and if that means spending a bit more on something that is not as good, but has more charm and character, then so be it.

After a call to the seller a meeting was arranged. Saturday was just around the corner, and it was going to be a long day.

15 February 2011

Let's start Motoring - Part 1

It all happened very quickly. The prospect of our business moving premises meant that I should start looking at purchasing a car. Even with a budget of a grand one really is spoiled for choice, especially with small cars. The French are also notoriously popular in this sector of the market and ads a bit of Gallic charm to an otherwise competent but, what I find a rather boring selection from the likes of Volkswagen, Ford and Vauxhall. It didn't take long for me to decide to start looking for a cheeky little Renault 5, a car that harks back to my childhood days, when my dad still had an original yellow TS, with the compulsory rust spots of course.

It was less than a week since I decided to start looking for a Five when one particular model caught my eye on eBay. It was a 1985 1.4 GTL with a mere 23,000 miles on the clock. I kept an eye on the auction and on one rather nervous Thursday night I decided to bid on it. With under a minute left before the auction ended I was outbid; I had about twenty seconds to decide what to do next...

09 August 2010


Hello, how are you?

I'm fine thanks for asking.

This is my blog, Reikronian, which will be opening soon, hopefully. As soon as I find something to say I will post it here. Until then, have a nice time. Of course I know this won't happen for everyone. We always say to someone to be safe, take care, have a nice day, but ultimately this does not prevent them from having an accident, getting hurt or just have a really bad day.

Have you ever greeted someone, asking them how they are, only for them to say something terrible has happened to them. Makes you feel bad doesn't it. How about when someone else tels you to have a good day, it kind of feels as though it's been made your responsibility to have a good day. "Dave just wished me a good day, well guess that means I won't be going to the bank to settle the overdraft today. I think I'll go watch a movie instead." Then the bus hits you. It seems Dave wasn't trying hard enough when he wished you a good day.

So while I honestly wish all the best to those who deserve it, I know this might not be the case for all of you, so try and do the best you can.